Krystina Tyrtania presents Bodies of Water  - her debut solo show.

Tyrtania graduated from BA Fine Art at Manchester School of Art in 2020 and was thus majorly affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. With no Degree Show at the end of her studies, Tyrtania was presented the opportunity by Eastcheap Studios & Project Space and the Letchworth Culture Project in partnership with the Broadway Gallery to present her work at the Days of Ashwell shopfront on Eastcheap, Letchworth Garden City.

‘We are all bodies of water’ is a collection of sculptural works that explores what it is to be watery, to be liquid, to be constantly changing. The human body is made up of 60% water - it inhabits every single one of our cells that controls our every thought, feeling and movement. We're over half full with water that has dribbled, flooded, puddled and splashed for millennia throughout the Earth's water systems in a never-ending evolution of bodies. We sustain our own existence through webs of physical watery intimacy and fluid exchange, moving with the tides within and around us.

Thinking of ourselves as bodies of water - in the same way a sea or river is a body - introduces us to a new way of thinking that moves beyond the corporeal – blood, skin, bones – and into a new way of existing. Embodying water in different ways opens up new possibilities for us in terms of understanding and tackling our world and the politics of our location. Immersing ourselves in a way of thinking that seeks to recognise the difference between different bodies and how those differences connect us could be the thing that keeps us afloat.

“Our bodies are hydrophilic, through and through… Water infiltrates and inhabits the vapour we breathe, the land we work, the animal, vegetable, meteorological and other earth others with whom we share this planet. As embodied beings, we are, primarily, bodies of water in a watery world” Astrida Neimanis, Bodies of Water

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